Summer Camps

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We are open and accepting applications for the Summer of 2016. This year’s theme is “Stand in the Gap.” Join us this summer and learn more about God’s plan for your life.

2016 Summer Camp Events

Camp Schedule 2016

Youth Camps

These 72-hour camps are for young people going into grades 3–8. Whether you’re a first time camper or a returning camper, these camps are full of great things to do. Each unique week of camp features a variety of fun-filled activities.

Youth 1: July 5-8
Arrival: Tuesday 2:00pm
Departure: Friday 2:00pm
Deposit $25.00 + Balance $40.00 = $65

Youth 2: July 25-28
Arrival: Monday 2:00pm
Departure: Thursday 2:00pm
Deposit $25.00 + Balance $40.00 = $65

Slave Days

Come help us get the camp ready. We will have two different days when those going into grades 6 and older can come and do lots of last-minute chores. Bring grubby clothes and a willing attitude. Please let us know if you are coming!

June 18 and June 24
Arrival: TBA
Lunch will be provided

Counselor Training

June 24–25
Start: Friday 5:00pm
Ending: Saturday TBA

Teen Camps: Take Another Step

These 72-hour camps for young people going into grades 6–12 are designed for fun and challenge. Purpose, Fun, and Friends are all main ingredients to these stand-alone camps. Sign up for these and open real life… full & abundant.

Teen 1: July 11-14
Teen 2: August 1-4

Arrival: Monday 2:00pm
Departure: Thursday 2:00pm
Deposit $25.00 + Balance $40.00 = $65

Defend Yourself!

Camp-Brochure-5Students going into grades 8 – college will learn to share their faith at this retreat. Come put your faith in action as you have science fair training, beach witnessing and outreach events. Those going on the mission trip must attend one of these.

Defenders I & Bus Club: June 27-29
Arrival: Monday 2:00pm
Departure: Wednesday 5:00pm
Deposit $10.00 + Balance $20.00 = $30

Defenders II & Street Witnessing: July 18-19
Arrival: Monday 11:30am
Departure: Tuesday 9:00pm
Deposit $10.00 + Balance $15.00 = $25

Mini Any (All Ages)

Grade 3–12: August 16–18
Arrival: Tuesday 2:00pm
Departure: Thursday 2:00pm
Deposit $25.00 + Balance $30.00 = $55

One Day Trip

Come learn about God’s wonderful creation as we visit Niagara Falls and the Cave of the Winds.

Niagara Falls Trip, August 9 (Grade 3–12)
Arrive 9:00am
Pick-up 5:30pm
Deposit $8 + Balance $10 = $18

Teen Mission Trip: Camp Science Fair

Grades 8-12; space is limited. Must come to one of the Defenders Camps and do assigned reading in order to go to Canada. Will need Birth Certificate, spending $ for China Town and one meal on the road. Contact the Paynes for more info and to find out other requirements.

Teen (Grade 8-12): August 10-13

Arrival/Departure: TBA
Cost: $50

Game Night!

Grades 6-12: August 26

Arrival: 5:00pm
Departure: TBA
Cost: $3 (includes meal)
Bring your favorite snack to share

Why Should Your Kids Go To Camp?

Camp-Brochure-8We believe that there are moral and spiritual benefits when your child comes to Chautauqua Hills Camp (CHC). In daily life, your child is constantly bombarded by influences that affect their decision-making process, and many of these influences are not good or safe for your child. At CHC, your child will be surrounded by strong and good influences such as godly and fun music, morally strong staff with integrity, and Biblical teachings for today.

This simply means that in a culture that says there is no truth or real direction, and everybody is out for themselves, it is increasingly difficult for young people to know how to identify and resist the poor influences they receive. With God’s help and the things that they will learn at CHC, each child will have available the tools they will need to make better decisions… decisions that follow God’s design to give us a full life, not a life of regrets.

What to bring


  • Sleeping bag or 3 warm blankets
  • Pillow and warm PJ’s
  • Jacket and long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts
  • Several shoes / socks / hiking footwear
  • Towel, washcloth and toiletries
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Bug repellant and sun screen
  • Bible (if you have one)
  • Modest swimsuit (1 piece for gals, trunks for guys)
  • A good attitude
  • Bring a blank shirt of any kind, and we’ll silk-screen the camp logo on it

What NOT to bring

  1. No weapons or drugs are to be brought. All medicines are to be turned over to the CHC Health Director upon arrival.
  2. There is no need for extra money or snacks. Snacks are given out each evening. If you bring a snack item, you must make sure it is enough for the whole cabin and that the counselor is informed.
  3. No electronic items such as cell phones, iPods, games, etc. Try a 72-hour electronics fast. You will be surprised that you can and will survive.


At Chautauqua Hills Camp (CHC) we strive to provide a safe and fun environment.

  1. No smoking.
  2. No one is allowed to ring the bell without permission, as this is our main means of communications in normal and emergency situations.
  3. Campers are to be within sight, sound, or knowledge or their counselors at all times.
  4. Once assigned to a cabin, the camper is not allowed in any other cabin.
  5. A general respect of camp property and other campers is expected.
  6. Do not bring cell phones or other electronics, such as iPods, games, etc.
  7. Rules of Christian conduct are to be practiced at all times (i.e. treat others as you want to be treated).
  8. Other week-specific rules will be reviewed upon arrival.

Please review these rules before arriving. Campers who cannot abide by camp rules will be sent home at their parents’ expense. No refund will be issued.

CHC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We discourage phone calls from parents. Due to our busy schedule, campers with calls miss out on important doings, and calls can induce home-sickness in those who would otherwise be fine. Thanks.

Iron bell

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.

Chautauqua Hills Camp (CHC) is committed to keep your family’s personal and health information safe and confidential. We review and revise policies and procedures to further protect the privacy of your information.

What type of information is collected?

To provide quality care at camp we collect both personal and health information such as campers’ date of birth, address, email address, and health conditions.

How is this information used?

The information that we collect from you is used:

  • to care for the health of campers while they are at CHC
  • to administer medicine as necessary
  • to provide appropriate (and delicious!) food to campers
  • to comply with legal requirements

Do we share your information with anyone?

CHC may need to share the information with healthcare providers in case care is required beyond the scope of camp equipment or staff.

What about photos and videos of campers?

We take lots of photos and videos at CHC. We often use our photos and videos in our newsletter and on our website. If you would prefer that your child not be featured in these or other CHC materials, just let us know. We will never use images of your child for anything other than CHC-related materials.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about your information with us, contact Directors Raughnsen and Holly Payne, 716-985-9810 or

Summer Camp Registration

CHC Registration

Participant Agreement

Please print the attached registration form and participant agreement. Complete and return with deposit to:

Chautauqua Hills Camp
1788 Old Chautauqua Rd.
Gerry, NY 14740