CHC began in 1971 as a ministry to reach inner-city youth of Buffalo by Rev. Byron Lutz, who now serves as an emeritus member of the camp board. It was called “Camp Ironbell” at the time and some affectionately call it that. The bell still bears the former name.

The current directors, Raughnsen and Holly Payne, started at the camp in 1988. They worked for five years, then returned in 1997 and have worked to the present. In 1998, the camp incorporated into a 501c3 non-profit ministry and the name was changed to Chautauqua Hills Ministries, Inc. It’s the same place, same purpose, and even some of the same people. This camp ministry has always been dedicated to pointing young people to the truths of Scripture and the evidence of God in creation.

The future of CHC will look a lot like the past as the camp and staff pour out the great news of God. And changes will happen as the camp wrestles with the elements and improves facilities. The camp hopes to offer more to adults as well, not only in retreats, but also in creation training and seminars. God’s Word and all creation point to a loving God and the camp will strive to help you get to know Him better.