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Here is a list of things that you can volunteer for either as a group or singularly. They appear randomly and not based on importance as that status changes frequently due to funds, weather, or something else breaking down… ha! —RP

Firewood: Cutting up dead trees and splitting when needed. About 1-2 face chord max. (Used to heat Lodge for winter activities)

Elisha Cabin: Paint exterior; install ceiling insulation boards; install exterior doors; prime and paint interior walls; put trim around windows in and out (weather related as the building will likely not be heated); clear construction waste; patch metal roof; finish bathroom; patch kitchen entrance floor; wire wall receptacles/switches; build bunks.

Library and Lumber / Storage-trailer Roof Repair: Jacking up damaged roof and bracing with 2×6 material; installing doors and windows; moving library (some urgency to accomplish this as the space used now is borrowed).

Mechanic work like nobody’s business: If you have mechanic skills and like the idea of a third-world condition we have engines to rebuild and install (diesel); body work and automotive wiring to be done on the bus; major engine work on bus; backhoe repairs (hydraulic hoses, fittings, etc); much welding; wiring on trailer; cleaning and polishing on donated vehicle in order to sell and use $ for camp.

Plant trees; cut up trees.

Lay carpet on pond floor.

Basement work: Rust/paint removal on spiral steps; re-weld; prime and paint; cement work according to temps; frame windows/walls in; powerwash conference addition roof; patch same roof; air-hammer old cement wall; move logs from down the road to camp property; help with milling/stacking cut lumber.

Director’s house work: Move furnace and re-duct; move bathroom waterlines inside so they won’t freeze (convert to pex); insulate floor of lower office to keep house slightly warmer and less costly.